Apps To Keep You On Track

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 20:38 
These are the Top Apps I use for my health and fitness. 

1. Myfitnesspal - Unless you understand portion control, meaning you use containers AND a scale to portion your food, then you should be using MY FAVORITE APP. 

This tracks your intake, your macros, workouts, etc It takes some consistency and daily habit building, but guess what, IT WORKS!! 

2. Fooducate - You're at the grocery store standing in the aisle (the dungeon), and you don't know which brands are TRULY the best to buy for your health. Fooducate ranks brands and foods to help you.

An easy rule of thumb when you don't time for the app is: don't buy things with labels, buy organic, buy things with less than 5 ingridients, buy things with ingridients you can pronounce, buy things your Grandma would know what it is, and lastly buy things that have less than 10g of sugar and over 10g of protein. 

3. Nike plus - This one is for my runner friends. This app is great for tracking pace, distance, competing with friends, and just knowing how many miles you've ran in a week. Only downside is having to have your phone with you while you run.

4. P90X or Body Beast apps - If you are doing any of the P90x programs or Body Beast, these apps allow you to follow along and track your results IN the app. You can buy them here