Are You Giving Your Kids The Vitamins They Need?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 18:51 

Vitamins are often used as a supplement as they are needed in our diets. If you are someone who eats only whole foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables and grass-fed meats, then I’d feel comfortable saying that you have a good handle on your vitamin consumption.

Most adults, however, don’t eat that well, let alone kids who are picky and need to experience foods up to 7 times before they find they like them. Yes, that’s right, 7 times.

Growing up, there were a ton of foods I wouldn’t touch that now, as an adult, I love. I just wasn’t introduced to them enough and was a little too stubborn at the time. But what kid isn’t?

Kids need vitamins, especially since they are in their developing stages. You can do your best to sneak veggies into shakes, smoothies, etc., but chances are, they still aren’t getting all that they need.

Did you know an apple today has less nutrients than an apple from 50 years ago meaning, you’d have to eat a lot more apples in order to get the same amount of nutrients than in previous years?

In order for your children to get the nutrients they need in this day and age, a good multivitamin is often recommended.

What vitamins are the best for your child?

That’s a tough one. I personally am thankful to have found a shake that provides all the vitamins and minerals we need daily. I let my 1 year old drink some every day with me. We also found a natural poly vi sol at the health food store we use as well. As she ages, we will continue with the shake alone.

Here’s some advice on picking a multivitamin for yourself or your children – Know the company and what they stand for: 

Do they care about the environment?
What sources are they getting the vitamins and minerals from, a lab or a food where it is simply dehydrated and put in powder form in a pill or shake?
Do they overuse organic with the same ingredients that a generic vitamin company would use?

Avoid high fructose, artificial sugars, food dyes, natural flavors and synthetics if at all possible. Do your homework, don’t just go to the store and compare prices like I used to do!

I’m won’t offer specific brands here, but if you’d like my opinion on the ingredients involved, I’d be happy to talk with you personally. Feel free to comment below as well on any questions or suggestions you may have!