Better Than Botox - Notes from Chalene Johnson podcast with Monica Parodi

Thursday, September 25, 2014 - 18:23 
This was a great podcast, who am I kidding, ALL of Chalene's podcast's are great. Chalene is someone I value and trust her opinion and her knowledge. She wouldn't have anyone on her podcast without knowing and trusting and personally using their knowledge herself. Here are my top take aways! 

The top 3 ways your body is responding from eating the bad foods and what foods to eat to reverse the effect! 

1. Poor Digestion

2. Chronic Inflammation

3. Damage from free radicals


Now these three seem like they aren't killers right?

Did you know if your digestion isn't regular your body never gets a chance to rebuild and you lose energy? 

Did you know that chronic inflammation causes pain, discomfort in joints, heart disease, and even forms of cancer? 

Did you know that free damaging free radicals, well I didn't know off the top of my head so I used WebMD and this is what I found! ---------vvvvvv

The Danger of Free Radicals
When free radicals are on the attack, they don't just kill cells to acquire their missing molecule. "If free radicals simply killed a cell, it wouldn't be so bad… the body could just regenerate another one," he says. "The problem is, free radicals often injure the cell, damaging the DNA, which creates the seed for disease."

When a cell's DNA changes, the cell becomes mutated. It grows abnormally and reproduces abnormally -- and quickly.

Normal cell functions produce a small percentage of free radicals, much like a car engine that emits fumes. But those free radicals are generally not a big problem. They are kept under control by antioxidants that the body produces naturally, Blumberg explains.

External toxins, especially cigarette smoke and air pollution, are "free radical generators," he says. "Cigarette smoke is a huge source of free radicals." In fact, our food and water also harbor free radicals in the form of pesticides and other toxins. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol also triggers substantial free radical production.

Basically toxins in the air, the food, the pesticides and chemicals around us are growing, and they are harming our bodies. 


Foods to avoid these diseases: 



3. Refined OILS and TRANS FAT 


Foods to prevent these diseases: 

1. Raw foods (uncooked)

2. Greens

3. Good fats


Which of these are on your plate more? 


Take a listen to her podcast if you want to get into detail about what are examples of these foods and how to avoid them. Here's the link: The Chalene Show