Confidence Building

Opportunity & Confidence
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 16:46 
Most of the time when you see someone who is successful in life your first thought is that they are lucky. I beg to differ. I believe in opportunity and timing. When you are looking for a way to be successful, all you have to do is look in front of you. We are each presented with new opportunities daily. 

An object in motion, stays in motion. 

Once you start taking advantage of the opportunities you are given, you are more likely to be presented with more and more opportunities. Especially if are teachable, willing to learn and grow, and have a positive mindset. 

The GREAT thing about those 3 attributes are that anyone can decide to be teachable, be willing to learn and grow, and have a positive mindset. The one that is the hardest IMO is the positive mindset. You must believe that what you are doing is for the greater good. This might require investing in yourself and building a positive atmosphere. Reading books that teach you to train your brain to see the positive in everything. The best way to stay positive is to build self confidence in yourself. Every time you come across a situation where you are feeling stressed, frustrated, or tense, take a second to think to yourself this affirmation I learned from a mentor of mine, Brian Tracy. 

"Every situation is a positive situation if viewed as an opportunity for growth and self mastery. "

How you decide to think, say, or do things are all your responsiblility. If you choose to take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and actions then you are able to change any area of life that you are unhappy with. 

Aristotle once wrote, "The common aim of mankind is to be happy, however we define happiness." 

The more confidence we have, the better we see ourselves, and the more effective we are in pursuing our own happiness. Self confidence is a state of mind based on your belief systems.

The law of belief says that your belief's become your reality. You do not believe what you see, but you see what you believe. 

Working on yourself is the key to being successful, but you also must have your eyes open to see the opportunities in front of you. Be willing to take advantage of these opporutnities, and take a risk that normally means going outside your comfort zone and being willing to make decisions that will change your life. 

What opportunities have you been given in life? 

Have you made a decision to take advantage of them or let them go by? 

It's never too late to take a look around at the opportunities in front of you and start deciding to get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of the things that will make a change in your life. A positive change. There is no such thing as failure when every situation is looked at as an opportunity for growth and self mastery. 


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