Homemade Baby Food (Recipe Included)

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 12:52 
There are so many diffrent theories on foods and when to introduce and what babies need nutrient wise. I thought I would share my journey and what I've found has worked best for us. I think one thing that is extremely important to remember and always throw in is that every baby is different. As a Mom, if your instincts say something isn't right, or your baby isn't ready, they probably aren't! Always trust your instincts!! 

I EBF Ellie and did up to right around 4 1/2 months. She became very interested in foods. I was all for waiting until 6 months to introduce any solids, but when your baby is actively interested and grabbing for foods when you are eating, I am pretty sure that's a sign they are ready to begin the fun. I started with banana and avocado as my first and second foods for her. At our 4 month appointment her pediatrician mentioned that at 6 months she would need foods with extra iron. (I did some reasearch and have a different opinion on this, but that's a whole other blog!) I began feeding her "bites" of my organic oatmeal with blueberries as I eat it around 1030-11 every morning as a snack. I never thought or agreed to the fact that baby cereal was a good first food option. 

Anyways, as soon as I realized she was "ready" to eat I began reseasrching how to make baby foods. We had some leftover beets from our CSA and carrots from our garden so I steamed and whipped them up and froze them until she began to really look like she needed to eat, rather than just want to eat for "Fun". As the saying goes, "foods before 1 are just for fun!" I agree and disagree, if you are EBF and eat clean and well on your own, then yes for fun. BUT if for some reason breastfeeding didn't work for you and your babe, then I think solids are a bit more important around the 6 month mark. Again, this is MY OPINION. From what I have learned about nutrition and food and the research I've done, this is my conclusion. I'm sure it can be proven right or wrong in today's world of every changing nutritional needs. ;) 

Here is a video of Ellie trying out the carrots and myself explaining how I made the homemade carrots for her to have some fun with!