How Do You View Food?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 18:15 
How do you view food? 

This one is tricky! Food is a nourishment right? We need food to survive. BUT if this was absolutely 100% as we viewed food, we would all be healthier, have more energy, and not have as many options, which would save us money. 

Food is more a commodity then it ever has been. The options we have or limitless. We have so many choices at this point that it's hard to tell what is the good and the bad. Even if we know it's bad, most of the time we can find a reason to still eat it. (Cake for a birthday, a glass of wine/beer for a long stressful day or week) Although I agree that these options are okay if portioned correctly, we no longer understand what a portion is, why it's important, or have the time to regulate it. So what's the solution? How do we fix it? 

KISS or Keep it simple sweetie! 

There is no need to worry about all of these options that are ALMOST ALL not good for us. Yes moderation but do you really moderate? I can find a reason every single day to splurge on something processed. Not enough time today to fix lunch, not enough energy to cook dinner, the baby is screaming I need something fast, etc 

Take the time to prep your meals each week. Make it a priority before you go to bed Sunday night to wash and cut up your fruits and veggies for quick snacks, plan out your week so you know where the obstacles may be, and stick to it. It's THAT simple. 

Don't buy the junk. 

Plan ahead. 

Know your obstacles.  

I'm sure if you follow this advice you will live a healthier life. 

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