How Long Should It Take To Lose Baby Weight?

Thursday, October 2, 2014 - 12:48 

A question I'm finding a lot lately as I reach out to surround myself with Mom's to have resources and friends that are going through similar stages in life.

I cringe when I see that question.

Here's why:

Society has this so called "standard" that as Mom's we have to be back to our pre-baby weight in 2-3 months time. Kim Kardashian did it, why can't I?

From my personal experience, I understand the mental heartache of having to move your mind past the way your body and mind feel at 2-3 months postpartum. It's an added stress, you feel like you should be doing more, and if you're like me, you're worried it won't ever come off.

I applaud you for wanting to do something about it, I really do.

It took a second or a month, for me to realize that I had a switch in focus. I had a brand new baby that my time was better spent cuddling, rocking, getting to know, taking care of. I deserved to have that time.

Now what I'm NOT saying is let yourself go and don't take care of yourself during that time, but don't focus on it. Don't let your mind tell you where your body "should" be.

Focus on your baby. 
Focus on clean eating 80% of the time. 
Focus on getting your nutrition in line.
Focus on creating habits with food that you can sustain.
Focus on walks allowing your baby to see the outdoors (when it's warm). 
Focus on finding new mom friends. 
Focus on adjusting to the new sleep schedule and never having time for yourself.

Then after that 4-5 month mark, or when you feel ready, start a program that you are going to enjoy and feel successful at. Keep it short. I recommend 30 minutes a day so that you don't feel like you are taking away from time that could be spent with that brand new baby. Loving yourself where you are now is just as important as loving your baby. Give it time. Be consistent. You are worth it. <3