How To Balance Hormones

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 17:13 
Pregnancy, post pregnancy, or just aging and getting into your mid 30s and up.

Hormones can really mess with your mojo.


Thyroid problems are very common in women. 

I'm not sure I know 1 female in my life that feels her hormones are in balance and she's at her best. Why is that? 


The main reason is that there are some many factors that cause hormones to be out of whack, so to speak. 


Here are a few: 


-Digestive problems

-Sugar intake

-Liver functions

-Fiber intake

-Environmental toxins


I’m going to be breaking down each of these and then give my system to balancing them out and finding what hormones you need to focus on. 


Here are my favorite resources for hormone balancing. 

Dr. Sara Gottfried 

Magdalena Wszelaki