How To Fit In A Mom Workout

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 15:40 
As a Mom, I struggle with getting it all done, fitting it all in, having the extra energy, being mentally exhausted from caring for another little human all day, everyday. 

I'm going to share with you the secret sauce to finding time and kicking butt in a Mom workout. 

It's no secret that working out gives us energy, makes us feel better about ourselves, more confident, and is something that we should be doing for our own sanity. It's a great stress relief and time away from the ongoing chaos happening around us. 

Why then, does it take us months or years to even think to begin to incoporate it in our lives? I have a few theories:


1. Not finding what you enjoy doing. 

2. Feeling too overwhelmed to add anything else to your plate.

3. Not having the energy to workout.

It’s chaotic those first few years. Transitioning from taking care of you to taking care of yourself plus a small human child that has daily demands.


Here’s the thing. It’s the things in life that aren’t always easy to do that are worth it.


Workouts aren’t always fun, they aren’t always easy, and they aren’t always easy to get into a routine to doing.


So what’s the secret sauce to fitting it in?


Remember, it’s not always easy.


Get up before your kids, no matter what time, and do it first thing in the morning. I’ve been asked a million and a half times what is the best time of day to workout? Here’s the answer, but it’s the answer because you have no excuse not to do it then. Everyone is asleep, you have no distractions, nothing else that absolutely has to be done at that time. You just have to get out of bed. (not always an easy task)


How do you get out of bed?


Get someone to hold you accountable. A group of friends, a group of strangers in an online group, your spouse, whoever you feel connected to and won’t give in to you. Someone who will push you a little out of your comfort zone, a health coach, like myself? That’s the secret sauce. That’s where the magic happens.


Action Step:


Take out your calendar and look at what you have each week and plan when you need to go to bed and when you need to wake up.


Then what workout you’ll do each day and come up with a reward for getting it done 3x a week. (Reward must be NON-food related)