My Journey To Becoming A Coach

Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 14:18 
My Story

My story begins and ends with finding my happiness. As I’m sure you’ve experienced as well, in my college years I was always searching for my happiness. For a place in this world, to find myself and who I wanted to be. It seemed I was roaming around the city not feeling fulfilled. I wanted more. I wanted to do more. I found that place when went from intern to Sports Coordinator at the local YMCA. I not only found that I loved helping others and being around people, but those are my type of people! They were caring, kind, trustworthy, helpful, and wanted the best for you. That Y quickly became my home, my safe place, my happiness. I landed my first “Big Girl” job as the Sports Director of a brand new facility opening. I was super excited. This was going to be my dream life.

Since this Y was just opening, there was a lot of planning and purchasing that needed to be done. I enjoyed it, and put in long hours 6 days a week. The Y opened and there were people coming out of the wood stocks to come see it and join! It was great, right?! I absolutely loved being the Director, planning programs for kids and adults, making it work, raising money, etc. As time went on, I realized I was beginning to dread going to work. The hours I worked were far from ideal and my hour commute each way meant I was working 12 hour days. I was becoming unhealthier and those around me noticed that I wasn’t enjoying life and it sometimes affected them as well. After a year of working as the Director, performing in the top of my department, and getting “A’s” on my audit, budget, and programming, I was told my position was being cut to a Coordinator. Basically I was doing the same job confined to 40 hours and $10,000 less pay. What they don’t tell you is they still want you there at certain times. So I might work 4 hours in the morning to attend a meeting and 4 hours in the evening to be there for a program. I lived an hour away so it wasn’t like I could go home during my 1-2 hour break. I quickly realized, I was no longer in control of my own destiny. My happiness was determined by the people I surrounded myself with and they weren’t the type I’d want to work for.

I had to make some decisions. I had been a “part-time” Beachbody Coach since college and was making some substantial part-time money fitting it in where I could. I attended annual event in Las Vegas called Summit. I came home, worked another week at the Y and put in my 2 weeks’ notice.  I moved home with my parents and my 3 year relationship ended. I was going to learn how to do this Coaching thing full-time. Long story short, I ended up substitute teaching, coaching basketball, and meeting the love of my life and soon after having my daughter who is now our world. The point of the story is I found my happiness. I get to wake up every morning, take care of my baby girl, help others with their health, educate them about fitness, and do what I love to do! I’ve had the chance to meet the most amazing people, where they are fellow coaches or customers given to me by the company. I didn’t have a degree in fitness, I didn’t have (at the time) a certificate of Integrative Nutrition, and I wasn’t in shape when I started. I simply had a passion for helping others reach their goals. I knew what worked for me and was willing to share it with others. Anyone can become a Coach, heck I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to. You surround yourself with the most positive, uplifting, helpful people. You hold yourself accountable to your own fitness and health, you have a support team, you can build your life how you want it to be and what would make you happy! 


If you are curious about coaching, love to help others, and want to supplement some of your income, shoot me a message at Facebook.