Prep Ahead Guide to Healthy Living

Friday, May 9, 2014 - 13:02 
Ever wonder how to get it all done? It's simple, you start a routine. Think about your schedule, when's the best day for you to shop and prep food? For me, it's Sundays. Plan and replace food inventory, and then prep foods for the week for quick and easy access to lunches, snacks, and dinners! 
Prep Ahead Guide-
Who has time to throw together three, complete, home-cooked meals every day? Not I, said the fly. 
But you shouldn't let that deter you from eating like a champ. The key is strategy. Plan ahead and the world is your oyster-- or your Mexican spiced chicken breast, depending on your personal tastes. (Some Tony Horton humor for you)
MEAT- Most meat will keep in a sealed contatiner in the fridge for up to 3 days, so when you grill or broil something, throw on a couple extra for the next few days.
EGGS- Hard-boiled eggs in their shells last for a week in the fridge. Boil a bunch on Sunday for a week's worth of the ultimate on-the-go protein source.
GRAINS- Pasta, rice, quinoa, and the rest all do well in the fridge for a week in a tightly sealed container. Just pull out what you need and microwave it, or give it 5 mintes in a saucepan with a couple tablespoons of water.
SALAD AND VEGETABLES- Wash'em, dry-em, chop'em up, and throw'em in a plastic container or a plastic bag. You have fresh, easy to access produce for the week.
FRUIT- You can wash fruit in advance, but avoid chopping it up or it'll oxidize (turn brown). That said, if you just need it to last overnight, spritzing it with a little lemon juice should keep the brown at bay.
DRESSING- You can make our recipes and refrigerate them for a week. If the dressing thickens after being refrigerated, don't panic, this is normal. Simply bring it to a room tempature and it will thin out again.
FREEZING SOUPS AND SAUCES- Whenever you're making a soup or sauce, prepare as much as your pot will allow, then freeze the extra in two- or three-serving freezer containers. They'll keep in there for up to a year. 

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