Strong, Lean, Fit, Happy, Healthy, and Productive

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 02:06 
Living in the moment is great. It's empowering, but it's somewhat a diservice to yourself. 

Now wait a minute, before you think, NEXT and move on, let me show you why I chose to change this mindset myself. If your goal is to live a life being strong, lean, fit, happy, healthy, and productive, then you might want to keep reading. 

There is a way of life that you can really have it all. You can be more confident, do more with your kids, and be a positive, life influencer to the most important people in your life, your spouse, your kids, your family. 

There are numerous reasons why it's NOT possible to live this way. 

Lack of convenience
Lack of time
Lack of energy
I get it, I'm a busy mom too. Parenting is rough and we all have sacrafices to make, but we have got to rethink our priorities when it comes to making ourselves a priority. The best thing you can do as a parent is take care of yourself so that you can be the best you you can be to teach, form, mold the children of our world. 

Below are some tips that I learned from someone who I look up to when it comes to nutrition and fitness, Mark Sisson. Mark is the author of the Primal Blueprint and his way of life is all about learning to live as a strong, lean, fit, happy, healthy, and productive human being. Here are some of his top tips. 

1. Eat lots of plants and animals. 

2. Avoid poisonous foods. 

3. Move around a lot at a low level of activity. 

4. Lift heavy things, sprint once in a while

5. Getting adequate sleep allows body to repair and recover

6. Don't avoid the sun

7. Avoid stupid mistakes

8. Enjoy every bite of food


Mark's primal blueprint is very similar to how I live my life, but it wasn't something that just happened, it was something that I continually work at and change up my habits to be better. Below are my thoughts and some in depth details on his blueprint and at the end I share a bit of my own tips. 

I like # 1 because you focus on what you can eat and not your restrictions. Who doesn't enjoy a variety of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits? There have been numerous studies on the negative side effects of processed foods, no surprise to us. The things that you should begin to be aware of and possibly start eliminating the sugars, grains, industrial seed oils, (vegetable, cannola) and processed foods of any kind. (Anything with a label) Enjoy every bite of food. You want to get to a point where you aren't stuffing yourself and have a stomach ache later, and you shouldn't starve yourself, food is the most impotant thing you can control in your life. The foods that you choose to eat effect more in your life that anything else I could even think of. Eat lots of healthy fats, such as avocado, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and red palm oil. 

When it comes to fitness, don't overthink it. Keep it simple. Do activity that you enjoy. Move around more throughout the day, set an alarm on your phone to get up and walk around every 20 minutes. Walking can be the best activity you do lubricates the joints and allows you to move fluidly. It's important, especially if you sit a lot at your job or have stiff joints to not sit, but to move more. You should lift heavy things 2-3x a week, and sprint once a week. Go full out in a workout once a week. I like to add some sort of balance and flexibility. The workout I've found to be most effective is PiYo it's a balance of strength, flexibility, balance, and stretch all in one. You also get a bit of a cardio effect in some of the workouts.  

Being productive is just as important in life as being strong, lean, and fit. When we are productive, we are on our way to greatness. We are bettering ourselves and in the turn bettering our community and our world. Some crucial ways to do that is get adequate amounts of sleep each night. 7 hours a night. As I type that, I realize that if you, like me, are a new parent, that's harder than it sounds. My almost 1 year old still nurses 2-3x a night, and waking that many times at night means that sometimes during the day, I take a nap. I'm lucky to be able to do that. If you're not as fortunate, then I suggset you take turns with your spouse to be able to get a good night's sleep. It's so important to your mental and physcial health. Another thing that you might be overlooking is that amount of sunlight you allow in your life. Vitamin D is so important for protecting your immune system and yes you can take a supplement, but the best way to get it is from direct sunlight, 10-15 minutes 2 days a week is a must! Even when it's chilly outside. It can change your mindset, your attitutde, your life. 

The last thing that you should think about when it comes to living a strong, lean, fit, happy, healhty, and productive life is to avoid stupid mistakes. Texting and driving, texing while drinking, wearing a helmet while riding a bike for example. Be mindful and make decisions that will better your life. Allow your decisions to serve you in a positive ilght. 

One more thing that I personally believe is important is to continually be learning and growing as a person. Whether that is being involved in schooling of some sort, reading a personal development book, listening to a podcast, going to therapy or counseling, whatever it is so that you can learn about yourself. Become a better person. 

Lastly, relationships are so important. People are meant to enjoy each other. Make new friends but at the same time, be careful who you allow in your circle of influence. As they say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

One thing that inspires me daily, is that you don't have to do all of these things at once. Take one thing and focus on it until it becomes a habit, and once it's a habit, go and focus on another posiitve habit to create. 

Everyone has the ability to live this lifestyle and I warn you, once you've experienced it, you get a bit addicted.