Teething & Breastfeeding my experiences

Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 16:40 
I wasn't too concerned when my now 10 month old baby wasn't getting any teeth when "they" say it begins. My goal was to nurse her for a minimum of a year, teeth or no teeth. I couldn't help but dread the thought of the teeth coming in because of all the hype going "around" (don't we love the internet) these days. 


9 months and the teeth have begun there way into the world. It was a long 3 days and the first time my child's been sick even if it was just a fever from teething. Teeth arrived, (bottom 2) and we went about a week with no problems, no changes to nursing. 


I was wiping my brow thinking WE GOT THIS! 


Next thing you know, she starts figuring out that she has some control over this milk thing. When she wants it, she will get it, at all costs. Undressing Mommy in public is no big deal right? 


She's not very good at concentrating on drinking her milkies when there are other people around in the first place, but when we were on vacation this past week, she was nursing under the cover and apparently wanted a break to see what was going on. 


OUCH! A little tingle from a bite. My reaction startled her and she hasn't done it since, and what I have to say is, the bite didn't hurt but the scab that came a couple days later has been painful! I thought I was losing my milk or had a clogged duct, nope, a tiny little scab on my nip is causing all that pain! 


I don't think it'll stop us from continuing our time together, it definitely won't stop her getting her milkies from the tap because the health benefits outweight the tiny second of pain, but hopefully these little scabs aren't reoccuring! 


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