The Good & Bad of Fat Free

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 17:33 
Want to know more about Nutrition and why reading labels is so important? 

The last 50 years everyone has had it drilled in their heads that "fat" is bad for them. Naturally, the first thing you look for when you go to the grocery store isa "fat free" product of what you are looking for. We are even willing to pay MORE to have the fat removed. 

Here's the skinny on why "Fat" being removed is not always a good thing and may actually be causing you to gain weight!

Back when companies began catching on that removing the fat would sell a product, they realized, fairly quickly, that removing the fat means that their product will taste like JUNK. (which is what it is anyway). There solution was, of course, to add sugar! Sugar makes everything better right? WRONG. 

Our countries addiction to sugar is worse than any drug out there. It's so highly addictive that the more we eat or consume of it the more we crave it. Our mind tells our bodies that we NEED it. 

I have been there, I struggle on a regular basis with sugar addiction. The one thing that allows me to get back in a groove and kick the sugar consumption is my Shakeology each day. I know everyday when I wake up I get to have the most delicious, healthy, whole food on the planet. WHY do you think I RAVE about this stuff? You have to find a way to kick the sugar from your diet somehow. 

I'm sure by now it's sort of common sense to know that sugar is BAD for us. Do you really understand HOW bad it is? How many health problems it could be causing? Now let's get this straight, eating a candy bar is not going to cause long term problems, but when you are consistently consuming 100s of grams of sugar a day, it won't take but 10 years for problems in your health to occur. (Take a second, and think.. how long have you been drinking those diet cokes???) Sugar causes a variety of health problems from diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, you know the BIG ones. 

Let's say for a second that those are so far out that you aren't worried about them yet. How about right now. How about your beauty? DID YOU KNOW that when you consume sugar, your body loses the abiliy to produce collagen that helps keep your skin tight?! WHAT!? (If you don't feel like taking my word for it, hop over to my mentor Chalene Johnson's podcast called Better than Botox) 

Think about how much $$ you are wasting on skin care products because you consume sugar on a regular basis? Think about all of the medical bills you are going to have when all of the sugar intake catches up to you! 

Okay, so we know there is a problem. What's the solution? 

No, you absolutely DO NOT have to never eat sugar again, but I do recommend using a tracker such as and knowing your numbers. Knowing how much sugar you are consuming each day. When you do bake, or eat sugar try to focus on the better for you verisions such as honey, maple syrup Grade B, stevia to name a few. 

I would also like to help you kick sugar to the curb by supporting you on your journey. I provide a private accountability group once a month for anyone who wants to kick sugar to the curb and just be healthier. I'd love to connect with you and talk about a plan that fits in your life. We are all busy, we all have less and less time in a day, but where there is a will there is a way! WE can figure out a way for you to kick the sugar and live a healthier life.