Top 5 Tips to Ease back into a Fitness Routine

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 16:38 
As a new Mom, nursing, the biggest blessing yet the biggest excuse I've had all year.

As you know, when you nurse, you're burning more calories by simply producing milk for your babe.

I've put off REALLY getting into my workouts because I'm back to my pre-baby weight. I eat well MOST of the time. (Thanksgiving until now, not so much).

I don't have a TON of weight to lose, I have 5-10 lbs, but it's not even about the weight anymore. It's about the way I feel.

Here's what I know for a FACT.  
When I workout I feel..

1. Less stress
2. More confidence
3. Stronger
4. More Patient
5. Willing to do MORE at home or for my family or for myself
6. Mental Clarity 
7. LEANER, DEFINED muscles
8. Positive and excited
9. MORE energy
10. Happy and Healthy

Are you struggling with any of these? Do you need accountability as much as I do?

Here are my TOP 5 Tips to ease your way into a workout routine. 

1. Commit. 

Sounds easy right? Here's the thing, EVERY single mom wants to be healthier, but it's not until you fully commit to yourself that it's going to be a priority that it starts to become possible. 

2. Keep it simple. 

We all know by now that going to the gym and getting on a treadmill or elliptical is NOT going to get us results right? 

Invest in yourself, if you don't yet know the HOW to workout, then pay someone who does that can help you! My personal recommendation is a workout DVD, and if you need help picking one out (because they all aren't made equal), shoot me an email me at I'd love to help you pick one that will work best for you. 

3. Don't over do it. 

30 minutes a day, nothing more, nothing less. When do you have 30 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED time EVERY DAY? 

If you're a SAHM, it's before your husband goes to work. If you're a working mom, it's before your husband goes to work. Get the hint. You're committed right? The best time to get your workout in is in the morning. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier and wake up 30 minutes earlier. You CAN do it! 

4. Treat it like a Doctors Appointment. 

That's right I said it. A doctors appointment. Why? You wouldn't miss an important doctors appointment for your son/daughter, it has to be on your calendar and just as important in your head. BECAUSE IT IS! When you have more patience, feel more energized, etc etc you are better for you and for your family. 

5. Get some accountability. 

Don't worry, I have you covered on this one. I have a system and it works. Yes you can do it with a friend or your husband, but what I've found that works for the people that I help, it's private Facebook accountability groups. I run them monthly. You check in once a day, whenever you have time that day, and just let us know how you're doing, that you worked out, that you're struggling and need motivation, etc. If we aren't Facebook friends, click and add me today, send me a message that you read this and you want to know more about the groups. 

The key is that you start to wrap your head around it now. Start to think about what you want to do, have a conversation with someone who can help, if that's me, great, if it's someone else you know that's great too. I want you to feel like I've felt when I'm in a routine, when I feel confident, energized, lean and defined, because there's no holding that Momma back! 

I'm starting 2015 off right. I'm putting things in motion, starting small NOW so that when January hits I'm ready to roll. I'm EXCITED at the potential and what there is to come.