What Causes Bones To Break? (baby edition)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 20:53 
Trying to get down from Mom and Dad's bed for the first time, feet first, and somehow them not landing on the floor. Even when it's the same thing as getting down from a rocking chair in the living room. The fall was a hard one and right on her baby arm. 

Let me tell you the reaction that you have when this happens to your little one for the first time. 

You go into Mom mode. Your instincts kick in and you know something's wrong, (or you don't). Seriously, you might not know at first. Baby's can use their arms, legs, toes, etc when they break them, and they don't always understand pain so if they have a high pain tolerance you have to really know your kid and be paying attention. The point is, pay attention. Watch for favoritism to the suspected area. 

It happened to us in the evening when we were getting ready for bed, and she fell asleep within minutes of it happening, so we waited until the morning to make an appointment. 

X-rays go fairly easy, until you add on a 1 year wellness check and have to also get blood taken to check for iron levels and have 3 shots on in a 20 minute time span. Talk about stress and anxiety for a parent. 

The hardest thing about a cast will be clothes to fit in the cold weather and not being able to shower, baths only, and spit baths at that. 

There's something to be said for that instinct you get as a Mom when you know your child is hurt or in danger. This was one of my first experiences other than birth! Now I understand what it means to stay out of the way of a Momma Bear.