What to Buy and What Not to Buy as a First Time Mom

Friday, May 30, 2014 - 18:40 
Finding out you're having a child is an exciting time, but let's be real. It's also down right frightening! The mix of emotions for first time Mom's can be a bit overwhelming. Unlike the father of your child, your life is already changing. You are creating an extraordinary human being. The most stressful and satisfying thing you will ever do. 

Let's start off with the immediate changes. 

Whether you are a heavy drinker or not, you now have no option of letting loose with your friends and are constantly the sober one or automatic DD if you do go out. This can be less than entertaining, so most likely you will choose to occupy your time with other hobbies. Or even better discover new things to do that don't involve alcohol. The most important change (for most), is how you eat. I got lucky. Exercise and eating healthy were already habits for me. I didn't have cravings much. I did tend to allow for extra "cheats" which I sort of regret now and sort of don't. Once you have the baby it's easy to continue with the mindset of you deserve the cheats and that could jepordize your health long term. KEY MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! Other changes the further you get along, it gets harder to walk, sleep, and you definitely pee every 30 minutes more or less. **HINT don't try to remodel a house when you are preggo, outside plumbing and hardware stores are less than entertaining when you have to wobble to the toilet. 

Now that you've gotten over the realization that life is about to change (for the better), what should you be doing with your time? Here are some tips from my own experiences. 

1. Create a registry. (Our choices were Target and BBB (buy buy baby). 1 mistake we made was we went to BBB first and picked everything out. Then when it was time to go to Target we couldn't duplicate things or we'd get doubles. MAJOR PAIN! I suggest going to the store most people will go to first and pick what you want at less likely stores last. 

For example : Target/Walmart type stores I would've picked the clothes, (which we didn't put on either registry and got TONS of), bath stuff (although we were recommended to use dove bar soap because it causes your baby's skin to dry out LESS then per say Johnson and Johnson.), but the towels, soap, toys, etc Anything it doesn't matter where it's from. We actually got our car seat (Chicco KeyFit30 is what we went with after my extensive research.) We got 2 bases, 1 for each car and it was winter so a carseat cover as well. Pacifiers, bibs, burb clothes, blankets, mobiles, hampers, etc

BBB or Babies R US etc I'd pick out the stuff you want. Some MUST haves: 

Rock n Play Sleeper (any store) THE ONLY thing Ellie would sleep in after bringing her home the 1st night. We had 2 bassinets and we haven't used either (If you want 1 I'll sell it to you cheap! :)) I plan on using the rock n play until she's 25 lbs and transferring to crib. She's still sleeping by Mom in the middle of the night, I like it, she likes it, and it's easy to feed in bed in the middle of the night! 

For Moms Tub You run the water on one side and it tells you the temperature and even lights up green when you are in the right zone. GOT TO HAVE IT! We were using waaay too cold water before we opened this bad boy up! 

Pack N Play We set ours up in the living room and have an extra place to change her and let her nap in. It's worked well for us. We do like the changing station instead of the floor. We use an old short dresser and put a changing pad on it.  

Monitors To be honest, we don't use this much. I'm always with her, but I think it'll be nice as she gets older and we are outside workiing and can see/hear her. 

Humidifier MUST HAVE! We also have an air purifier from target that works double as a white noise machine for sleeping! 

Breast Pump DO NOT BUY! You can get this from your insurance, just call them and find out where to order it from. I believe it's normal to get what I got which is a double electric medela and it's worked well for us. I do plan on buying a car charger for it and it would be nice to have a bag to carry it, but I just use an old book bag. It comes with freezer bags but I'm sure I'll eventually run out and have to buy more. (Stay tuned for Breastfeeding/Pumping blogs). 

Bottles- We went with Dr. Brown and haven't had a problem, I'd recommend not buying a lot especially if BF (breastfeeding), you won't need them and if your baby doesn't like them I've heard of friends have to try different ones, these are the most popular and have had the least problems. 

Rocking Chair- We have 2, an old one my grandparents gave to us in her room and a leather rocker/recliner my parents bought us in the living room. MUST HAVE for sure!

Night light- Something we didn't think of until after she was home, and it definitely helps YOU try to feed her in the middle of the night without her waking or waking your partner. 

Diaper bag- we have 2, both very inexpensive we use them to carry stuff no need to be classy UNLESS that's your thing, then by all means go for it. But I'd say save the extra $ for other expenses. 


Things to buy second hand at garage sales, consignment shops, or hand me downs: 

Bouncer seats, swings, space saver high chair, cribs, dressers, jogging strollers, exersaucer, jumping toy that goes in the doorway. We are just getting into some of these. The play mat was the first thing she learned to use and then a clip toy that hangs on the car seat. Baby Einstein toys seem to entertain well, and be sure to have lots of books and READ them to him/her. 

2. Research or ask your doctor about labor/delivery. 

We didn't take classes, I didn't have a written birth plan, I didn't really know anything or have any expectations. My thought was they are the experts, they do this everyday and I'm a fast learner. Why get stressed out about all of that stuff? Why set expectations that might not happen? If it makes YOU feel better, by all means, but it was just something to keep you busy IMO. 

Things I did know: I did NOT want her to have formula, I wanted skin to skin ASAP, and I wanted Brett to be able to cut the cord. 

Things I was unsure of: To have an epidural or to not. I ended up having it and had no trouble. No regrets. Healthy baby that's what mattered. Don't beat yourself up over the decision and realize it's OKAY to change your mind when you are in the situation. 

3. Put crib, swing, stroller, car seat, etc together before baby arrives. Do as much as you can because it gets harder to do those things when you have a baby around. AND you should be holding your newborn! ENJOY those first weeks! ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE. 

4. Pick a pediatrician. Confession. We didn't have 1 picked out before hand, but got lucky and LOVE the one we have who came to the hospital when she was first born. I'd recommend NOT doing that. I think we legit got lucky! 

5. Start a file folder for all BABY and MOMMY (2 folders) medical info. You'll want it all in 1 place. 

6. Prepare a place to put pictures up, you'll be taking ALOT! :) Speaking of pictures, everyone told me I'd regret it, and I do. Get those maternity pics done, and have your photographer lined up to do newborn pics! We AGAIN got lucky and found a photographer who needed a girl infant model and got a great deal on ours. I'd recommend her to anyone! (INDY AREA MOMS: RAW SUGAR PHOTOGRAPHY)

7. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX - Get your sleep, relax, do some yoga, drink plenty of water, read a book, take deep breaths often, take looong showers, get a mani/pedi or massage or better yet, both. You will miss this. 

8. Have plenty of ibprofen/tylenol and the biggest maxi pads you can find for after the baby comes. Make sure you have vaseline and ice as needed. 

9. Talk to your employer and spouse about the time you get off and decide if that is enough for you. By no means is 6 weeks when you will feel ready. Just because that's the allotted time doesn't mean it's what works for YOU! Seriously discuss this and if you do have to go back, determine who you will leave your baby with. I'm lucky enough to work from home and haven't had to deal with this. 

10. Don't believe everything you read. Horror stories are out there. Women have been doing this for years, it's NOT that bad. The healthier you are before, during, and after pregnancy the easier it will be on you. (side note: If you need help with clean eating or exercise at any of these times feel free to reach out to me on facebook or email!) 

Get ready! Your life is about to change! It will be the BEST thing that has ever happened to you. Your baby will be here soon and he/she can't wait to meet you!