What a Health Coach Eats Daily

Here's how a typical day in my life looks currently. 

7 am - wakeup drink 8 oz water / workout drink 8 oz water
7:30 am - drink another 8 oz post workout along with recovery drink
7:30-8 am - check email, social media, write blogs and newsletters
9 am - drink bulletproof coffee (I buy it from bulletproof coffee.com and use kerrygold butter and xct oil) high fat
11:30 am - lunch; normally soup or salad or sometimes leftovers from the night before. If it's a salad I use salsa or make my own dressing. 
3 pm - shakeology with banana, spinach, peanut butter, flax, coconut, chia seeds
6 pm - dinner; this is always different but always contains a meat and lots of vegetables, sometimes rice or quinoa but I limit the portions of carbs while eating a high fat diet. Especially white carbs and sugar. 

Sometimes I'll have a small dessert or an evening snack if I'm still hungry depending on what I chose to eat for lunch and dinner. 

You can find recipes on my Pinterest or this website.