What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Everyone is throwing butter in their coffee with the new trend, now before you say butter in coffee, think about what cream is made of. Before you head out and start putting butter in your own coffee, let’s decide if it’s worth it to you.

Bulletproof coffee was designed by Dave Asprey because the coffee standards in the US aren’t up to par with the rest of the world. Bulletproof coffee has it’s own set of standards when it comes to mold and other factors when producing and selling coffees to consumers.  It’s a brand I’ve come to trust and believe that I’m getting better quality than the run of the mill coffee you buy at a supermarket store.

What you put in the bulletproof coffee is what makes it bulletproof. To start off, you should really only be drinking bulletproof coffee if you are following a bulletproof diet. High fat, low carb. Meaning high good fats and low (no) sugar, white flour, beans, breads, dairy, pasta, or artificial sugars. If you use the high fat without the low carb you’re most likely to gain more weight than you want.

What goes in Bulletproof coffee?

1-2 tps unsalted (or if you’re like me and can get salted cheaper at Costco and don’t have cholesterol problems)

1-2 tbsp MCT oil or Brain Octane oil (I get mine from the Bulletproof website)

You blend it for 20-30 seconds to create a frothy texture. It has become my daily breakfast and I’ve moved my Shakeology to my afternoon pick-me-up.

My personal experience so far has been very positive. It took me about 2 years to give this a try, besides the whole trying to make it myself with butter and coconut oil (which doesn’t work). Never being a coffee drinker it was hard for me to overcome the idea of starting to drink coffee for no good reason.

My morning breakfast ends up having about 260 calories of high healthy fats that help boost my brain productivity for the day. The MCT oil is much more intense for lack of a better word than coconut oil. It’s more easily processed and takes less steps for your body to actually be able to use the nutrients so you get more of an instant effect.

If you haven’t tried Bulletproof coffee and are interested in giving it a shot, I recommend only doing it the way it’s meant to be. The high quality ingredients are why it’s become a phenomenon.

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