Cassie Zeider

Parenting Through the Tough Times

Your first child is all new and fun and exhausting because besides keeping them alive, teaching them to learn and grow, and wanting to be perfect for them we still are learning and growing ourselves. 

The newborn stage was exhausting because you never sleep, they eat every couple hours. 

The baby stage was exhausting because you're trying to get them to eat, to teach them basic life skills such as feed themselves, learn to talk, learn to crawl and walk. 

The toddler stage is exhausting because they learn to do these things and they also learn to tell you no, ask why, and that they don't have to listen when you tell them to do something. 

The solution for every stage. 

Self care. Self love. Self appreciation. 

Followed up closely with daily gratitude and devotions. 

The self care is the hardest part. 

We're exhausted mentally and emotionally. We don't like ourselves when we yell at our kids but it's the only way they'll listen 90% of the time. 

Parenting isn't always about the kids, we're learning and growing along with them. They're pushing us to become better people because if we don't we fail them. 

Think about how many times your kid has taught you to be more patient, or that spending time with them is 100x better than any toy that can be bought. 

The lessons aren't lost and they'll keep coming. 

The key is that self care, self love, and self appreciation. 

You see we can't be the best we can be without taking care of ourselves first. 

It can mean so many different things to each of us. 

There are some core principles: 
1. Daily Movement (exercise) 
2. Proper Nutrition 80/20
3. Daily Gratitude
4. Scheduled Time (for you to do what restores you)
5. Boundaries

What does self care mean to you?